Ayolab’s Online Selection Mapping tool provides brands with the tools to create winning marketplace distribution strategies in order to:


Maximize online revenue and profitability (short-term) by:

  • Controlling pricing behavior of authorized resellers to focus on trusted partners only
  • Making sure authorized resellers carry the best range of products and are not OOS
  • Making data-driven decisions regarding new distribution strategies such as using Amazon as an official seller
  • Securing the enforcement of commercial agreements such as “gating agreements” with Amazon

Protect brand equity value (long-term) by:

  • Identifying all sellers on any website – selling even only one item of the brand – to actively and consistently manage sellers’ portfolios
  • Quantifying your brand’s share of the Buy Box or its equivalent, for both sourcing and manufacturing SKUs
  • Focusing trade efforts on key sellers that represent the majority of transactions
  • Mapping cross-border flows to address root-causes


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