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Who better than our clients and their stories to answer that question? We have supported brands in various development stages on Amazon: from assessing the size of the pie to decide whether and how to go live on this marketplace, to improving their share of the pie through data-driven processes.

We Love Working With Ayolab!

At PPD, we love working with Ayolab for 3 reasons. Number 1, we do get a better understanding of the marketplace on Amazon. Number 2, it doesn’t stop at the birdseye view but we can drill down into the details when it comes to 3P players versus us as a 1P player in a nongated environment. Very important for us. Number 3, we do have a strong collaboration and future needs are being met very quickly by the Ayolab team.

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Christian Skaar

Global eCommerce Director, Professional Products L'Oréal

We have greater global alignment towards hitting our goals

Before Ayolab our global e-commerce and sales executive team had a strong sense we could do better and execute towards greater growth and profits if we had unique and more novel insights.

During our work with Ayolab in the recent months we have gained crucial and actionable insights into major marketplaces for our key portfolio brands.

Thanks to Ayolab's data and their team's dedication to our success we now have clearer visibility and greater global alignment towards hitting our goals.

I recommend Ayolab to any leader committed to their organization's E-commerce success.

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Zoe Ramdewor

Global E-commerce Strategy Leader, Pierre Fabre

Undeniable and actionable insights !

As the fastest growing makeup brand in North America we want to make sure our customers are well served everywhere.

Thanks to the work done by Ayolab we gathered undeniable and actionable insight that showed us total gross merchandise value sell-out and revenues generated by 3P sellers on key marketplaces.

It helped us form data-driven strategy to continue to serve our clients that reflects our brand values and mission

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Doreen Arbel

General Manager, North America, Charlotte Tilbury

Ready to learn what’s keeping your brands from healthy growth?

Ready to learn what’s keeping your brands from healthy growth?

We empower global brands with healthy growth on leading marketplaces like Amazon. Our clients gain insights and actionable intelligence that cannot be gained elsewhere, not even on Amazon Vendor Central itself.

Learn what's keeping your brands from healthy growth on leading marketplaces like Amazon (and more importantly how you can turn it around).

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